An overview on Studybay Reviews

January 27, 2018 • By

Since a couple of years, has been in the business of providing writing services to students and even to professionals. However, the extent of the service provided is not clearly mentioned on the website. Nor do they have any mention of the year of establishment or experience of Studybay Company. However, the oldest reviews of the website date back to three years and thus we conclude that the website is in business for at least 3 years. The team of affirmed writers at Studybay offers their services to students for academic writing.

  • Services offered the website offers service of writing scholarly articles of any sort and for any level of college or high school. On this website the process of hiring a writer is as follows – students have to put in a request with details of the work, put that request up for “sell off”, writers place offers on it and then the student selects a writer. There are some criteria on the website to become a writer.
  • The payment for the order is made in advance by the student, but the writer gets paid only after customer satisfaction i.e. after revisions of work till the student is satisfied. The website gives a guarantee period of 20 days for the students to ask for a revision. The website claims that it checks all the work done by the writers before hand over to the clients.
  • Security personal and payment data is secure on this website and is not disclosed to the third party without the consent of the customer. The payment processing via Paypal is quite safe and secure.
  • Pricing as there are multiple writers in place, there is no standard pricing. Also, they do not have any discounts or offers. The final price is decided between the writer and the student only.
  • Additional features there are tips and blogs for writing several types of papers on the website. You can also check reviews and ratings about a writer before awarding his work.


The biggest issue is that there is no control of website owners on the writer. There is no proper check when a writer signs up. Overall according to us Studybay reviews is that it is an average website. Check details of the writer before awarding any work.