Tsum Tsum – the most interesting puzzle game

July 30, 2017 • By

Even though there are many exclusive games for kids, the puzzle games are always supposed to have great attention among kids. There are also many scientific reasons which state the importance of puzzle games. Many researchers have proven that puzzle games can increase the intelligence in kids. This can stimulate the brain and can keep the children active. Because of these reasons many developers have also come forward to develop the best puzzle game for kids. Among these games, some puzzles are supposed to have great recognition among the gamers. This article is all about one such puzzle game which has put the gamers into great excitement without any constraint.

Tsum Tsum

This is a puzzle game which involves more number of fluffy and cuddly characters. This game was developed by Line Corporation in order to entertain the kids to a greater extent. The developers developed this game especially for the mobile device. This game is available for both Android and iOS version. This game will be the right choice for kids who have a great attention towards the Disney characters. This is because the puzzle is fully filled with many Disney characters. Apart from this, Tsum Tsum is a free puzzle game and hence they can be enjoyed by anyone without any constraint.

Game play

The game play of this puzzle will be more interesting when compared to that of other puzzle games in the gaming world. As the name indicates, in this puzzle the gamers are supposed to collect tsum tsum. Their points will be based on the number of tsum tsum collected by them. More the tsum tsum they collect, more the points they can gain. If interested, the players can set one of the tsum tsum as their favorite one. But it is to be noted that the gamers are supposed to collect at least of three same type of tsum tsum. In case, if they have collected, they can get ready to get popped.

When different tsums are popped, the gamers will be provided with points. Along with this they will also gain coins and experience. With the help of the coins gained through the game, the gamers can buy different types of boxes. These boxes will have different types of characters which can help in playing the game to a greater extent. People who are unable to gain coins can Get unlimited coins in Tsum Tsum through the hack tool available in the online market.